Wednesday, March 7, 2012

True Leaf Formation

My plants' true leaves are finally beginning to emerge from in between the cotyledons. I realized that the seeds that I've planted in self-watering pots grew their true leaves a lot faster than the seeds that I've planted in regular pots. Nonetheless, they are all growing happily. All their true leaves are out and as you can see, the pine berry cotyledon on one of them is starting to die off, which is a good thing because that means the true leaves took all the nutrients from the two cotyledons and are growing well. I've also received my self-watering seed starter kit from Lee Valley's and look how fast the seeds grew compared to my homemade self-watering pots. And of course, here are some pictures:
Pineberry True Leaves.
Alyssum True Leaves.
Celosia True Leaves.
Lee Valley's Seed Starter.

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