Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Growing Plants from Seeds

Growing plants from cuttings or by buying the plant itself at places like home depot are so much easier in my opinion than growing plants from seeds. Every single time I tried to grow plants from seeds, they either died off from dehydration or they would die off by too much water. But by taking a few minutes to make self-watering pots from water bottles, seeds are so much more easier to grow. Covering them up is not necessary to do if you have self-watering pots. Here are some pictures of cotyledons of the plants I am growing : )
"Pineberry" Cotyledons... not sure if these will be grow to be true pineberries, but let's give it a try : )
Peach-colored celosia "icecream" cotyledons. I believe these will be a bit larger than the kimono variety.
White Alyssum Cotyledons.. I remember having these plants as a border in front of my old house.. brings back memories : )

After a few more days of waiting, I am thinking about separating the peach celosia cotyledons so that they will be less crowded. I think I heard from somewhere that they do not like their roots being disturbed, but it is ok to move them around when they are cotyledons. Of course, moving them around a lot is never good, but once should be ok, I hope. More seeds will come to me through snail mail and hopefully, those will grow successfully too. Vegetables will be grown outside in my earthbox : )

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