Sunday, October 7, 2012

One african violet led to another... and another.... and then another... It just never ends! I wanted to get more and more different varieties. There are so many varieties of african violets that you can choose from, starting from different leaf patterns and shapes, different bloom colors, and plant sizes. I'm usually easily swayed by the miniature varieties just because they look small.

African violets just seem to fit my schedule. They don't seem to require lots of care, and they're very easy to propagate. They can also be hybridized to create your own hybrid. That's why there are so many different varieties of african violets all around the world! Once you get into keeping african violets, it's hard to get out of it.

I've only provided a picture of some of the leaves I put down for propagation. I do have several more. These are the types of african violets I have for propagation: 

Midget Lillian
Trinket O' Pink
Rob's Twinkle Blue
Pip Squeek
Ness' Crinkle Blue
Bon Bon
Optimara Little Hopi II
Optimara My Joy
Rob's Cool Fruit
Star Wars
Rebel's Glory Be
Rhapsodie Rosalie

I still have more that I want to propagate. But being a full-time student, I have a very limited budget, and african violets aren't cheap! Either way, I am hoping to get a hold of these varieties:

Wish list:

Midget gumdrop
Senk's Fruit Fly
School Bells
Midnight Waltz
Rob's Twinkle Pink
Spunky Trail
Teeny Bopper
Shirl's Blue Eyes
Little Chippery Trail
Pixie Runaround Sport
Skies Over Italy
Precious Pink
Dean's Bunny Blue
Pink Dove
Midget Bon Bon
Baby Moonbeam
Optimara Little Moonstone
Rob's Copper Cat
Tiny Moon Goddess
Bridal Lady
Rob's Zippity Doo

1 step closer to my goal :)