Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Pink & Blue Ramshorn Snails

Recently, my hobby is with these beautiful ramshorn snails. I've put these guys up for auction for the very first time hoping that others will want them just as much as I wanted them before. It took me a very long time to find these snails (especially the blue ones) and finally, they are reproducing and grew to a sell-able size. The blues look pink at first with a blue-tint to their shell along with a leopard pattern. Their body color is dark red. The pinks have a clear shell when they are young and are born with a pink body. As the pinks get older, their shells start to turn more and more white/opaque. Hopefully, these will give me a much more blue and beautiful line of ramshorns. The fishes in these pictures are black leopard guppies that I also put up for auction. If interested, please go to my auction here: Aquabid OR add them to your cart by clicking "add to cart". 

Aren't they beautiful? :)

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